9th ITU Telecom World (2019) Spectrum and Technology Workshop was Grandly Opened in Budapest, Hungary

The 9th ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Telecom World Spectrum and Technology Workshop was grandly opened in Budapest, Hungary on the afternoon of the 9th of September.


TDIA (TD Industry Alliance, together with ITU, GTI (TD-LTE Global Development Initiative) and China Mobile, successfully held the 9th Workshop on Spectrum and Technology with the theme of "Opening, Innovation and Cooperation, Building a Global 5G Community."  The aim is to further promote the global harmonization of 5G spectrum identification and allocation, and promote the development of 5G in an all-round way.


ITU, GSMA and other international organizations, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, China Mobile, Japan's Softbank Corp., Deutsche Telekom and other operators, as well as Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, State Grid of China, Rhodes Schwartz and other manufacturing enterprises attended the meeting.  Mr. Zhao Houlin, the Secretary General of ITU,  Mr. Chen Zhaoxiong, the Vice Minister of MIIT China and Mr. Dong Xin, the Vice President of China Mobile Group, were presented with opening speech as the high-profile regulators and partners.  

As one of the organizers of the workshop, the Telecom Development Industrial Alliance (TDIA)  was delivered by Ms. Ellen Li Yanbin, Deputy Secretary-General, a keynote speech on 5G Innovative Applications and China Practices. She shared that the role of technology, policy, and strategy in 5G innovation and application is indispensable in China and has become an accelerator, linkage mechanism, and success guarantee for promoting digital transformation and landing of 5G businesses. In order to speed up the 5G pilot demonstration and application of 5G + and other scientific and technological achievements, generate a new economic growth point, and create a new engine for revitalization and development, many efforts and successful practices have been made from all walks of life in China. In the presentation, she especially took the Beijing municipal government practice in 5G as an good example to follow suit, and detailed its “1551” guidelines and successful implementation of application scenarios. 

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