China Unicom and China Telecom Will Jointly Build a 5G Access Network (1)

 China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. and China Telecom signed the "5G Network Co-Construction and Sharing Framework Cooperation Agreement" on September 9, according to the cooperation agreement.

China Unicom will cooperate with China Telecom to build a 5G access network throughout the country. The two sides will designate areas and zoning construction, and each will be responsible for the construction of 5G networks in the designated areas, including for example, who builds, who invests, who maintains, who bears the cost of network operation. The co-construction and sharing of 5G network adopts the sharing mode of access network, the construction of core network and the sharing of 5G frequency resources. The two sides jointly ensure that the network planning, construction, maintenance and service standards of the 5G network co-construction and sharing area are unified, and ensure the same service level.

Implementation cases 

Guangdong Telecom joined hands with Guangdong Unicom to open the country's first 5G shared commercial site on September 27. 

China Telecom Guangdong and Guangdong Unicom joined hands to successfully break through the technical difficulties of 5G NSA sharing based on the existing telecom network 4G/5G base station in Guangzhou.

 The country's first 5G existing network commercial sharing site has successfully connected  Telecom and Unicom 5G users.  

The field test shows that the user rate of both sides is close to that of 1000Mbps.

There are three innovations in the opening of the first station: the first is to innovate the 2.1GHz+3.5GHz scheme; the second is to innovate the independent carrier sharing scheme; the third is to innovate and develop the Telecom and Unicom existing network end-to-end 5G co-construction and sharing parameter template and activation process.

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