Huawei Released the "5G Application Position White Paper" at the ITU Telecom World Expo

Huawei released the "5G Application position White Paper" at the International Telecommunication Union 2019 Telecom World  Show in Budapest.

This paper looks forward to the application scenarios of 5G in many fields, and calls on global industry organizations and regulators to actively promote standard synergy and spectrum in place, so as to provide a good resource security and business environment for 5G commercial deployment and application.

The white paper points out that with the advance of the 5G business process, 5G innovative applications emerge in endlessly, including enhanced mobile broadband, media-info entertainment, industrial manufacturing, intelligent transportation, and so on.

5G network can provide users with gigabit network, extreme network performance and user experience. The advantages of 5G technology will enable thousands of industries and improve social efficiency.

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