Shenzhen People's Hospital Successfully Completed the Frst "5G Video Rounds."

Shenzhen uses 5G network for hospital video rounds for the first time on September 10.

The 5G long-distance rounds is an important exploration in the field of 5G + intelligent medical care between the medical industry and China Telecom.  Shenzhen people's Hospital has signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement with China Telecom in the fields of intelligent first aid, remote consultation, 5G mobile medical care, 5G transmission circuit, and joint construction of 5G laboratory. At present, the construction of 5G base station has been completed, and actively promote the application of 5G medical industry.

Subsequently, the two sides will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of medical informatization and jointly study intelligent medical information topics such as cloud computing, information security, big data applications, the Internet of things, and artificial intelligence based on 5G communication technology. Better and faster to complete the construction of intelligent medical care will be realized.

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