5G Agricultural Digitalization Alliance Launched by China Mobile

China Mobile launched the 5G Agricultural Digitalization Alliance on September 19. 

China Mobile held the 5G + Agricultural Digitalization Conference, launched and established the "5G Agricultural Digitalization Alliance".

In the aspect of production, China Mobile will improve the information level of agricultural production through 5G+AI precision seeding and   planting, 5G intelligent fishery, intelligent diagnosis of diseases and insect pests, etc.

In the aspect of operation, it is targeted to promote the emergence of characteristic agricultural products from the village, trace the source of agricultural products, and improve the information level of agricultural management.

In the aspect of management, the information level of rural management and governance can be improved through the integration of modern information technology and village affairs management, industrial analysis, environmental monitoring, security service, forest inspection and so on.

In the aspect of service, it is targeted to use information means to carry out farmers' vocational skills training and mobile phone training, expand mobile phone "new farm tools", promote the development of rural tourism and residential management, and improve the level of service informatization.

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