The 19th Members' Conference of TDIA was Grandly Held in Beijing

Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance (TDIA) successfully held the 19th plenary meeting of its members on January 3, 2020 at Beijing Wanshou Hotel. The council representatives and members of the Alliance attended the meeting. 

This meeting conducted a summary and report on the main work and financial work of TDIA in 2019, and fully discussed the work plan for 2020. The related topics such as the cooperation between the 5G promotion work and the vertical industry, the market promotion, the strengthening of the weak links of the 5G industry and the cooperation of the industrial chain, and the development achievements of the 5G industry in terms of  high- frequency bands are discussed. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman-in-Office of the Council from Nokia informed the two Resolutions of the Council of the Alliance this year and listened to the work report of the Board of Supervisors made by the Samsung representative.

In 2019, with "promoting the healthy development of 5G industry, continuously promoting industrial upgrading, Internet + industry application and international expansion" as the main line of work, TDIA made significant contributions in industrial policy layout, expanding 5G global market scale, promoting 5G innovation and development, promoting industry integration and application, preparing and implementing the work of "Internet +" alliance, and exploring new patent operation mode.


In 2020, TDIA will continue to integrate industrial resources and carry out corresponding work to promote 5G standards and industrial development, 5G application demonstration, 5G commercial deployment, and explore new patent operation models. 

During the sharing session, Yang Hua, secretary general of TD Industry Alliance, shared and reviewed the development history of 5G industry, the key technologies of 5G industry, the current situation of 5G industry, the networking of NSA and SA, the competition between China and the United States, the integration of 6G space and land, and other hot issues in the competition of 5G development. The presentation discusses the application expansion of 5G vertical industry in the future, such as VR/AR, ultra-high definition video, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent port, smart city and other multi-faceted 5G vertical industry applications. 

The work of TDIA in 2019 has achieved remarkable results. First, TDIA was awarded by the International Telecommunication Union (lTU) as one of the "most valuable partners" in Budapest, Hungary, which is the best feedback and high recognition of TDlA's continuous efforts in the international arena, among United Nations members and the regional organizations, and in promoting industrial development for more than a decade. Second, in 2019, the Alliance has made remarkable achievements in promoting the landing of 5G projects and strongly supporting the development of 5G work of governments at all levels, providing strong support for the government's 5G policy layout. 

The year 2020 is the golden time for the development of 5G, which is to vigorously expand the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and economic and social fields, such as 5G, mobile Internet, big data, cloud platform, and artificial intelligence, and promote the coordinated and interactive development of the network economy and the real economy. It is an important stage to promote technology integration and innovative application among industries, facing great opportunities and challenges. LET US UNITE AS ONE to promote the rapid development of the mobile communications industry!

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