MIIT Stated, Supportive Measures will be Taken to Tide SMEs over Tough Time

Reviewing resources from Xinhua and the People’s Post and Telegraph, except Hubei, more than 95 per cent of industrial enterprises above designated size in China resume productions, with 80 per cent of workers retuning to jobs. 60 per cent of SMEs in China get back to the business, as per the remarks from Xin Guobin, vice minister of MIIT and spokesman of the news conference this Friday.


The spokeman stated, China will take multi-pronged steps to resume work and production across the industrial chain at a faster pace amid the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Labor shortages, disrupted transportation, tight cash flows, as well as lack of raw materials and epidemic control supplies are the main barriers for the industrial chain to run at the full scale.

Leading enterprises in key industries such as medical supplies, daily necessities, public utilities, spring farming and foreign trade are encouraged to give a hand to their upstream and downstream enterprises to keep the supply chain stable. Supportive measures will be taken to ease the financing strain on the SMEs, which are vulnerable in the outbreak, to tide them over the tough time. He also noted that smooth transportation should be ensured to speed up coordinated work resumption of industrial chains.

China will make strides in expanding domestic needs, cultivating emerging business forms and beef up "new infrastructure" projects such as 5G network, industrial internet and artificial intelligence, he added. 

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