TDIA along with Partners will Host A Series of Webinars on "5G + Industry Integration and Innovation"

With the rapid development of 5G information technology and the continuous emergence of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other advanced technologies, various industries are gradually linked with information technology, and the society is gradually developing towards a digital society. 

In the light of this, Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance (TDIA) and "Internet +" Alliance join hands to bring you a series of webinars on "5G + Industry Integration and Innovation", which aim to build a co-learning and shared development platform and break through the barriers to the integration of 5G and vertical industries. 

Webinar 1  5G Development and Digital Society Prospect under the New Infrastructure 

As a leading field of "new infrastructure", 5G is a key new infrastructure to support the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economy and society. It will work with "new infrastructure" such as industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and big data Center to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and build a new digital society of the Internet of everything and the intelligence of everything.  

Why does the new infrastructure come? 

Why does 5G become the lifeblood of new infrastructure? 

How does 5G provide important support for the digital transformation of economy and society? 

Webinar time: April 3, 2020, 1400-1500pm  (live streaming linkage to be sent to TDIA WeChat group) 

Speaker:  Mr. Yang Hua, Secretary-General of TDIA 

Member of Wireless and Mobile Communications Committee of China Society of Communications, member of China IMT-2020 (5G) expert Group, member of National Major Project 03 General Group, Deputy Leader of National High Technology Plan 863 (5G) expert Group, member of National sixth Generation Mobile Communications (6G) Technology Research and Development General expert Group.  

The NEXT webinar speaker will be Lu Qingjun, in the theme of The opportunity of Internet + Medical Treatment in the Post-epidemic , who is working as Director of Telemedicine Management Office and Training Center of National Health Commission.

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