Industry Uers Put forward Five Major Requirements for 5G Network

5G network is not only the key data infrastructure to support the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economy and society, but also the main driving force to lead the network evolution and promote the development of Internet artificial intelligence big data. 

On July 22, at the product conference of China Mobile 5G private network, Wang Zhiqin, vice president of CAICT ( China Academy of Information and Communications Technology),said that 5G serves thousands of industries, and 5G private network can fully reflect the advantages of 5G. 

The year 2020 is the critical year for the commercial deployment of 5G. 5G takes the lead in the development of New Infrastructure and becomes the stabilizer and booster of economic development. 

The Chinese government attaches great importance to development, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued policies such as the 512 project of 5G + Industrial Internet and the Notice on promoting the development of 5G.

After a year of development, China's 5G network is beginning to take shape.  According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of May, China has opened 250000 5G base stations and 44 million 5G users. China's 5G network scale and user scale rank first in the world. 

The application of 5G has demonstrated its strength and potential in the prevention and control of COVID-19 's epidemic situation, forged a consensus on digital transformation, and accelerated the integration and development of 5G with various economic and social fields, especially in the field of industrial applications. Applications in areas such as smart medicine, news media, smart cities, car networking and industrial Internet account for nearly 10%, and have become 5G new application fields. 

Wang Zhiqin mentioned that industry users have put forward five major requirements for 5G networks: the first is to be able to carry many kinds of services, the second is data security and domain protection, and the third is to enjoy network resources exclusively, and the cost should be low enough. The fourth is the demand of independent network operation and maintenance, and the fifth is there is a good integration between  private network and the big network.
The current industry application market is the key to the success of 5G, and different models are being actively explored around the world. 

In response to the demand for 5G network differentiated services from vertical industries, operators should give full play to the advantages of the variety of public networks, speed up 5G general capacity building, promote the maturity of 5G industry, and promote industry application integration and innovation. to enhance the value of the entire network. 

She added: "operators should give full play to their technical and industrial advantages, create standardized products of private networks, speed up the construction of the end-to-end operation system of To B, provide more network solutions, and achieve network construction and deployment, and later delivery and maintenance.  So that the 5G network will sink to enterprises, provide private network-level services, and meet the needs of industry customers.  At the same time, operators should promote the maturity of 5G end-to-end industry, promote cross-industry integration, strengthen the innovation of business model, and actively build ecology. " 

Finally, she suggested that operators should adopt a more open attitude and, together with industry customers, actively introduce upstream and downstream partners to absorb more terminal module manufacturers, software and hardware equipment vendors, to achieve common discovery of demand, joint innovation of products, joint delivery of projects, and joint creation of value. 

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