Looking for a Platform to Connect with Global Governments and Tech Leaders at the UN Event?

ITU Telecom World 2019 to be held in Budapest from 9-12 September is the leading forum for the global ICT industry & it brings together public and private representatives to showcase innovative solutions and engage in high-level dialogue on the major challenges facing the sector.

 Looking for a platform to connect with global governments and tech leaders, at a United Nations organized event? Look no further than ITU Telecom World 2019! Once again, the 9th Spectrum and Technology Workshop will be kicked off jointly by TDIA, GTI, CMCC and ITU, in the afternoon of the 9th of September. 

    Dear industry members, invited guests and interested parties, please keep track of the ongoing preparation and relevant release. For details, please view the Topic Page about the 9th Spectrum and Technology Workshop of ITU Telecom World 2019.

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