TDIA Keynotes at the 5th APAC Spectrum Management Conference to Share Chinese Successful Stories

 The session took place as part of the 5th Annual Asia-Pacic Spectrum Management Conference 2019 organized by Forum Global, ITU and APT. The conference, hosted by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), provided a high-level communication platform for stakeholders from across Asia Pacic and beyond, to discuss the issues relating to the management and co-ordination of spectrum policy across the region.


TDIA took the keynote titled “ Embracing 5G, Delivering Digital Indoor Systems in China”, as part of the session.


Deputy Secretary General of TDIA , Ms Yanbin Li shared the experience and successful cases of DIS (Digital Indoor System ) coverage in China with the Asia Pacific partners. She especially highlighted the three aspects which should be well organized and implemented, namely, Communication Framework, Standardization and Campaign penetration. 


1st, Industry Framework and Communication     It is critical to implement cross-over communication and cooperation between industries. Therefore, as an industry association, we have been making efforts in coordinating and communicating between different departments, making certain of the assessment benchmark, formulating framework plan, accelerating the commercial launch and meeting the need of different stakeholders. For example, we host DIS industry Roundtable twice a year, establishing a communication platform for all parties engaged.

2nd, Standardization  We should develop and derive standardized 5G indoor coverage digital solutions, which meeting the requirements of various industries. Only in this way we can fulfill the network requirements of different industries in the 5G era, such as massive data and a large number of access scenarios. To ensure the deployment of DIS, it is necessary to prioritize standardization of 5G indoor network solutions. Regulators in China are actively supporting the development of DIS and have done work in terms of policies and standards and China’s mobile operators have established the indoor digital network construction strategy. In the light of that cross-industry collaboration and coordination is critical to facilitate the deployment, we are also developing work with other industries including real estate, healthcare and media.

3rd, Campaign Penetration   There are different layers’ penetration required to have real impact. In terms of the industry framework, it is reasonable to incorporate national campaign plan, provincial practices and municipal initiatives.

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