Nokia, the 1st Service of 5G Use Dominated in 2019 Will be eMBB

In the recent interview by total telecom, Nokia shared with its prediction about 5G for the year ahead.

The incoming year will see a real increase in 5G commercial rollouts. Most visibly, we will see consumer focused launches which meet increased capacity demands (for high-quality video and gaming, for example) in the mass market. At the same time, we will see some key commercial projects accompanied by further in-depth trials and experimentation on industrial and enterprise campuses such as shipping ports and manufacturing plants, and large-scale venues like stadiums, for 5G applications and service developments.

Nokia expressed, the first service and the 5G use that will dominate 2019, will be enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). It can be seen as a transitional phase where users notice a huge improvement in uses they already have – downloading video or online gaming. Building on that, we will start to see services that make use of the key characteristics of 5G like low latency and massive compute capabilities – so look out for augmented reality applications.

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