Rising Number of Foreign Corporations Seek Judicial IPR Protection in China

As China’s intellectual property rights (IPR) protection has seen significant progress over the past decade, foreign corporations increasingly seek IPR judicial protection in China.

The insiders share that, reasons for the trend include fairer outcomes for foreign firms, as foreign corporations may be awarded more in compensation and have a better chance at winning cases in China. In accordance with the facts of  “China IPR Indexes Report 2018”, China strengthens IPR protection and has seen great progress in the past decade to support technological development and enhance economic competitiveness. The amount awarded and percentage of lawsuits won have both risen in trademark and patent suits. The percentage of cases won of trademark suits in 2018 reached 83.3 percent. The average award was 26.4 percent of claimants’ requested amount.

More foreign corporations are resolving to tackle their IPR complaints using legal rather than administrative means. The high amounts awarded and number of cases won have attracted foreign investments.

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