Gartner Hype Cycle Highlights the Emerging Technologies over the Next Year

The 2019 Gartner Hype Cycle highlights the emerging technologies with significant impact on business, society and people over the next five to 10 years. Gartner noted,  “Technology innovation is the key to competitive differentiation and is transforming many industries.” As per the Hyper Cycle analysis, this year’s emerging technologies fall into five major trends: Sensing and mobility, augmented human, postclassical compute and comms, digital ecosystems, and advanced AI and analytics. 

Sensing and mobility

This trend features technologies with increasingly enabled mobility and the ability to manipulate objects around them, including 3D sensing cameras and more advanced autonomous driving. As sensors and AI evolve, autonomous robots will gain better awareness of the world around them. For example, emerging technologies such as light cargo delivery drones (both flying and wheeled) will be better able to navigate situations and manipulate objects. This technology is currently hampered by regulations, but its functionality is continuing to advance. 

As sensing technology continues to evolve, it will aid more advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT). These sensors also collect abundant data, which can lead to insights that are applicable across a range of scenarios and industries. 

Other technologies in this trend include: AR cloud, autonomous driving levels, and flying autonomous vehicles.

Augmented human

Augmented human technologies improve both the cognitive and physical parts of the human body by including technologies such as biochips and emotion AI. Some will provide “superhuman capabilities” — for example, a prosthetic arm that exceeds the strength of a human arm — while others will create robotic skin that is as sensitive to touch as human skin. These technologies will also eventually provide a more seamless experience that improves the health, intelligence and strength of humans. 

Other technologies in this trend include: Personification, augmented intelligence, immersive workspace and biotech (cultured or artificial tissue.)

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