GlobalData Research, China, Japan and India to Drive the Overall Network Revenue Opportunity in APAC

Reviewing GlobalData latest research and Computerweekly,  the Research has pinpointed China, Japan and India as the key potential markets for revenue opportunity in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for networking suppliers through 2023, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the overall total.

Fundamentally, in its Market opportunity forecasts model report, GlobalData said it saw a trend of enterprises continuing to strengthen their network agility and service delivery capabilities with a view to adding converged service offerings, in addition to adopting a cloud IT delivery model and facilitating a connected ecosystem.

The analyst added that increased adoption of wireless networks, along with digitisation initiatives supported by various governments for the deployment of telecoms infrastructure and services, would likely drive the overall network revenue opportunity in APAC to US$145bn by 2023.

As well as the three main countries in the region accounting for 72% of revenues by 2023, China alone is forecast to account for nearly 46% of the revenue opportunity in the region over the next four years. Network spending in China is estimated to reach US$67bn by 2023, driven by commercial 5G launches across 50 cities in November 2019. IT sector development, increased mobile broadband consumption and a growing mobile workforce is expected to drive the Chinese network market growth during the forecast period.

The 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo is set to be one of the prime factors driving overall network spending in Japan at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1% to reach US$26bn in 2023. 

The Indian government’s digital inclusion plan to bridge the urban-rural divide and nationwide broadband network deployment as a part of its Digital India initiative is projected to see the potential network revenue opportunity to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2018-2023 to reach around US$11bn.

GlobalData added, enterprises are more inclined towards partnering with regional/niche and innovative service providers with a view to deliver customised capabilities for their users. This will result in the evolution of business delivery models for both vendors and enterprises, and provide them with ample mutual opportunities to be leveraged in the existing market.

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