JD.com was Awarded the Top10 Cutting-edge Brands of 2019

JD.com was awarded the Top 10 cutting-edge Brands of the year at the 2019 China Brand Power Festival.

The "2019 China Brand Power Festival" sponsored by the Central Radio and Television was held in Beijing on December 15, 2019, and the annual brands were announced at the scene.

As one of the most famous brands in China, JD.com, together with 100 famous brands such as Huawei, Tencent, China Mobile and CRRC, was selected into the Model 100 Brands at the China Brand Power Festival 2019. At the meantime, JD.com was selected as one of the Top10 cutting-edge brands of 2019, demonstrating the influence of Chinese brands and the strength of China's economy.

As per deliberation by the chief strategic officer of JD.com Group,  JD has insisted on the following mindsets and taken into practice: 

1.  Technology-driven and Three "Deep" 

JD.com builds the most trusted enterprise in the world, touching hundreds of millions of consumers with hundreds of millions of products every day. Back to the products is its core technologies. If you want to summarize JD.com 's core science and technology layout, you can use the word "deep".

The first 'deep' represents a deep experience, today's JD is not only 2C, but also 2B, through the right products, at the right time, scenes, to the right customers.

The second 'deep' represents the core technology JD has  accumulated to further enhance the level of the industrial Internet and the construction of a smart city.

The third 'deep' is more important, which is to realize the greater value of the social environment through in-depth technology. 

Based on the abovementioned, JD hopes to become an enterprise deeply trusted by consumers, employees, partners and society.

This is also as the 2019 China Brand Power Festival Top10  Outstanding Brands Award complimentary words to JD.  JD "from the goods quick delivery upgrading to the high-quality goods guarantee, the new business philosophy gives birth to the Internet dividend; from scientific and technological logistics to panoramic services to create a new ecology of network consumption. "

Since its inception, JD has adhered to the core concept of honest management, adhered to the authentic products and advocated the quality economy; firmly adhered to the service concept of "customer first", vigorously developed self-built logistics to ensure user experience; with rich application scenarios and accurate big data as the foundation, innovatively explored boldly in digital technology and other fields, and committed to becoming a company that creates the greatest value for the society.

Taking examples, JD invested more than 13 billion yuan in R & D in the first three quarters of 2019, leaping to become one of the companies that invest most in technology among Chinese enterprises.  JD rolls out pioneering platforms in the fields of artificial intelligence and smart city construction.  In the national artificial intelligence strategic planning, JD will take the lead in promoting the strategic development of intelligent supply chain and industrial upgrading at the national level.

2. Promote the upgrading of both consumption and industry

JD.com is committed to creating the greatest value for the society.

The award of the Top Ten cutting-edge Brands of the year at the 2019 China Brand Power Festival reflects that JD.com has won the trust and recognition of consumers and partners by creating the best customer experience and the best efficiency in the industry.

The third quarter performance report of JD.com Group in 2019 shows that in the first three quarters of 2019, JD Group's net profit belonging to common shareholders was nearly 10 billion yuan, the highest in history.

At present, JD has become the most trusted comprehensive retail platform in China. As of September 30, 2019, the number of active purchasing users of JD Group increased by 13 million month-on-month in the past 12 months. The number of JD Mobile's monthly active users increased by 36% compared with the same period last year. In the third quarter of this year, more than 70 per cent of JD 's new users came from the low-entry market, becoming one of JD.com 's main growth drivers.

In the face of rapidly developing emerging markets,  JD Logistics launched time-limited Fast Plan,  "  within 24 hours reaching to thousands of counties and towns". In the coming year, JD will focus on enhancing the logistics service experience in urban areas, counties and surrounding towns of low-line/ low-entry cities. At the same time, JD.com has also become the largest incremental market for more than 2000 brands and more than 250000 third-party merchants around the world, as well as the most friendly platform for brands and merchants.

With continuous technology investment and strong scale advantage, JD.com is constantly creating value for users, industry and society. Chinese brands, represented by JD.com, are also deeply implementing the brand power strategy and playing a positive role in the high-quality development of China's economy.

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