Yang Hua Lecture in Peking University MBA Webinar: 5G Playing a Key Role in New Infrastructure

     On April 25, 2020, Yang Hua, Secretary General of  TDIA (Telecom Development Industry Alliance), was invited to attend the 25th lecture in the MBA webinars of Beida (Peking University)  Development Institute, and shared the theme around "5G Development and the Prospect of Digital Society in the context of New Infrastructure".  This webinar is very popular, and the lecture is broadcast live synchronously through more than 10 platforms, with a total of 460000 people watching it online. 

Secretary-General Yang delivered a speech from three aspects: the background and significance of the new infrastructure, why 5G became the first of the new infrastructure and the prospect of the digital society.  The main points are shared as follows: 

The "new infrastructure" came into being, under the background of the acceleration of the global digital wave, the imperative of the cultivation of new engines in China's economic development, the current epidemic situation at home and abroad, and the complex and changeable economic and trade relations. 

The "new infrastructure" is the infrastructure construction based on digitalization, networking and intelligence on the scientific and technological side. Secretary-General Yang believes that the "new infrastructure" is mainly composed of two parts. First, circulation to solve the problem of digital and all things circulation in the future digital society. Second, the supply of resources or capacity to provide digital and intelligent capabilities for related industries. 

The accelerated development of "new infrastructure" can boost the economy in the short term and promote industrial upgrading and transformation in the long run, which is the driving force for the development of digital society. The new infrastructure led by 5G will stimulate the development of digital economy in an all-round way and provide an important guarantee for the digital transformation of economy and society. Secretary-General Yang mentioned: in the development of the history of mobile communications, the odd generation is innovative, and the even generation is to better meet the demand inspired by the innovation of the odd generation. 5G is the key enabling technology in the new economic era, and it is a major change from mobile communication for individual users to the Internet of everything. It is a new type of network with high speed, low latency, high reliability, connecting all things and transmitting massive information, which can meet the data transmission and capacity supply and demand of different industries in the future digital society. In the future, 5G will enable various industries to help the digital upgrading of various industries and the whole society. However, the realization of this goal requires the joint efforts of all parties in our society to promote the deep integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology and industry technology, and jointly build a better digital society in the future.

TD Industry Alliance, referred to as TDIA (and another name, Beijing Telecom Technology Development Industry Association), was established on October 30, 2002. it is the first batch of A-level pilot industry technological innovation strategic alliance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the first batch of group standard pilot units of the State Standards Commission. At present, there are more than 100 member units, covering all aspects of the industrial chain, such as network, terminal, chip, testing, matching and so on. TDIA is committed to promoting the development of mobile communication technology based on TDD and its subsequent evolution (including TD-LTE,TD-LTE-Advanced and 5G, etc.) around the world, expanding domestic and foreign markets, integrating industrial resources, creating an environment for industrial development, and promoting the integrated development of information and communication technology and vertical fields. Because of its outstanding contribution in promoting the industrial development of TD-SCDMA (3G) and TD-LTE (4G), it won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012 and the Special Award of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2016, and it is the only third-party industry organization that has won this honor.

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