Invitation to the 11th “Network Innovation Seminar " by TDIA

 The 11th “Network Innovation Seminar (2020)", jointly sponsored and organized  by TDIA (Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance) and Mobile Communications Magazine, will be held on September 22, 2020 in Chenmao NanYueyuan Hotel of Beijing.

With the strong support of TDIA members and all the other parties, the "Network Innovation Seminar" has been successfully held for ten editions. The organizing committee cordially invites you to attend the 11th edition of the Seminar!

#5G Network Innovation Seminar #

Seminar theme: Promote New Infrastructure and Energize 5G Takeoff

 Seminar content: Review and summarize the achievements of 5G construction, analyze the technological evolution path, and look forward to the future trend of 6G; In-depth discussion on the complexity of network optimization brought by multi-network interoperability, the pressure and problems of NSA's evolution to SA, the 5G energy-saving scheme, the realization of 5G network slicing and indoor coverage and other technical issues.

 Venue: Lecture Hall, 1st Floor, Chenmao NanYueyuan Hotel, Beijing

 Time: 08: 30-16: 30 on September 22, 2020

  Papers collection: The Seminar collected papers from the telecommunication industry through Mobile Communications magazine, and has received more than 400 papers, covering 5G technology innovation, 5G deployment experience, 5G application and development, 6G-oriented evolution and so on. 10 excellent papers have been selected, which will be announced and presented on September 22nd.

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