China is AIming to Commercialize 6G in 2030

China is progressing in developing 6G technology, which is expected to be commercially available around 2030, with the future 6G business showing immersive, intelligent and universal trends, according to a white paper released Sunday by IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group.

According to the white paper by IMT-2030 Promotion Group, the next mobile generation would be a highly intelligent network that will integrate mobile and satellite to create ubiquitous coverage worldwide. It expects 6G to be deployed on new terahertz (300GHz-3THz) frequencies in addition to existing 5G spectrum.

The white paper also name-checks the typical use cases, which are grouped into  6G features  – immersive cloud-based XR, holographic communication, sensory interconnection, intelligent interaction and digital twins.

Apart from outlining some broad directions, the white paper also indicates China's top-down approach to 6G development.

The media at overseas and at home all commented, that means China has announced grand plans for the rollout of 6G in 2030.

China's National Intellectual Property Administration has calculated China is the biggest source of 6G-related patent applications worldwide. But the biggest number of these filings are from universities and research organizations, not the large commercial players.

Some sources said, the US and Japan they will jointly invest $4.5 billion this year in 5G and 6G, while the US and Korean presidents have vowed to work together on 6G and other emerging technologies.

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